Fender Marble Telecaster Bowling Ball gold/silver/white -84 #E327312, beg. (Stockholm)

Good condition, 6,5/10, the weight is 3,6 kg, sunlight has faded the finish somewhat and given this guitar a unique look, a couple of larger dents in the finish/wood on the side of the neck and a few small ones on the edge of the headstock, a crack in the finish on both sides of the neck pocket but solid, some fret wear, neck stamped Oct 09 1984, single ply white pickguard, both pots date 1378438 (38th week of 1984), a green sticker in the neck pickup cavity with a signature ”RJ 125”, the strap buttons are replaced with straplock buttons, no case included, this is a real modern collectors item as it is one of only 8pc Telecasters ever made in this finish gold-silver-white, and only one of 300pc Bowling Ball Strats/Teles that Fender made in 1983, this guitar has all original parts, including part of the original inspection tag from the factory, the history of the guitar is that the Swedish gentleman who brought us this guitar bought it at Mannys Music Store in New York back in 1987 and has owned it since, more info from online: ”There were actually three different marble swirl styles: one that is predominantly red, one that is predominantly blue, and one that is a predominantly gold. Only 250 of these guitars were made: 108 in the red-black-white swirl; 105 in the blue-black-yellow swirl; and, 37 in the gold-silver-white swirl. 50 Telecasters using these finishes were also produced: 21 red, 21 blue, and 8 gold. The man behind the marble finish was Darren Johansen, an outside vendor who developed the process and showed it to Fender. By the time the initial 300 instruments were made, Fender-CBS was in the process of becoming Fender-FMIC and further use of the finish wasn’t pursued.”

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