Eurorack DPW Design Limit L-1

The L-1 is a three individual soft knee limiter module in Eurorack format. An all analog unit. It can be used for audio signal manipulation or as a utility module for control voltages. The three channels can be AC or DC coupled. It can be used for normal limiting/compression but also for creative waveshaping. The soft knee of the limiter is actually 8 consecutive soft knees for each channel starting at -3dB and spread evenly up to 0dB. The limiter will brick wall limit to +/- 5V both in AC and DC mode. For each channel there is a volume control that controls how hard the limiter is driven. When the knob is at 9 o'clock what passes through is almost unaffected. Turning the the knob to full will give 5 times amplification drive in to the limiter, giving a rounded distorted sound.
The three channels are completely independent.
6 hp wide, 25 mm deep with power connector.
+/- 12V. Max power consumption +/- 20 mA

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