Analogue Solutions Colossus

VCO Panel

12 x Analogue VCO (/LFO)s.

Four waveforms, Pulse Width, Sync, Sub Osc. Ability to go down to low frequencies. Precision control using high quality multi-turn vernier dials.

Sample and Hold Generator.
Random Voltage Generator.
2x White/Pink Noise Generators.

Scope Panel

Analogue CRT oscilloscope.
2x LFO (in addition to the VCOs.)
4x VCA (in addition to the VCF VCAs.)
4x ASR Envelopes.

VCOs can be used as LFOs. So Colossus has in fact a potential total of 14 LFOs!

Each of the 8 VCFs have VCAs hard wired inline, so these plus the individual VCAs means there are in fact a total of 12 VCAs!

Filter Panel

4x Multimode filters - Low, Band and High pass 12dB filters.
Each with serial VCAs.
4x Low Pass filter - 24dB transistor ladder filters.
Each with serial VCAs.
(8 VCF/VCA combinations in total.)
2x Analogue mechanical Spring Reverbs. Each one features a triple spring tank.
2x Ring Modulators.
2 Voltage Slew Generators.
4x ADSR with repeat and hold-repeat feature.

Sequencer Panel

4x large signal level meters, backlit.
64 step / 2x 32 step Analogue CV/Gate sequencer with clock generator, glide, jump, reset, CV, gate.
Touch Panel
6 channel stereo audio mixer with level, pan and mute.
2x Joystick Controllers.
2x Touch Keyboards with digital note sequencers.
2x Broadcast quality CV and Audio Pin Matrix panels
Jack Socket Patch Panels
4x minijack patch panels - providing I/O from all circuits.

Obs! Priset är ett cirkapris och beror på valutakurser med mera.

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