Korg M50-61 Yellow Music Workstation #012001, beg. (Stockholm)

Very Good condition, 7/10, Made in China, used, some stains and scratches, full model name is M50-61Y, including 12V adapter and flightcase and manual, from online: "Korg M50: A powerful synthesizer workstation with a big range of sounds! The Korg M50, released in 2008, is a fantastic member of the 3rd generation synthesizer workstation from Korg, following the success of the M1 and the Triton series.The 61-key M50 shares many features with the fantastic M3 (released one year prior) , such as the “Enhanced Definition Synthesis” chip (based on the excellent HD-1 chip from the OASYS).The M50 features 80-voice polyphony, a 16-track sequencer, and a huge range of effects.The touch screen and graphical Interface Makes It Easy To Edit Sounds And Sequence. "

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